4 more days until Christmas! Are you guys ready? I’m pretty much done, but I still have to go out and get some stocking stuffers for everyone. I compiled a list of ideas for the family in case you are like me, and left the stocking stuffers for last minute.

Electric Toothbrush

Shaving Kit

Money Clip


amazon gift card


water bottle

passport holder

 Crew Molding clay  

Maybeline the Blushed look eyeshadows

Travel size mascara


moroccan oil dry shampoo

Nail Polish

Make up remover wipes


EOS chapstick

Philosophy Hands of Hope travel lotion

Marble I phone case



Character Band- Aids

Hot wheels cars

Rubiks cube

Hair Ties

Fidget Spinner and Fidget cubes

Holiday socks

Play Doh And Neon Sidewalk Chalk

Hope these help and give you some ideas for stocking stuffers if you haven’t already bought them. I really cant believe there is only 4 days left! I feel like Christmas totally crept up on us!

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